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21 August 2023

C+E driver

MK JOB is looking for drivers with a CE category license to work as part of a team. If you have experience in driving trucks, this offer is for you! Apply as a driver in Germany and Austria.


We offer:
1. attractive salary of 10 thousand net per month.
2. full-time employment contract.
3. opportunity to improve qualifications and professional development.
4. modern and well-maintained fleet of vehicles.
5. Friendly working atmosphere and support in daily tasks.


1. driving license of CE category.
2. minimum 1 year of experience in truck driving.
3. ability to drive with timber will be an added advantage.
4. Good knowledge of English or German language.
5. Responsibility, punctuality and commitment to assigned tasks.

1. Safe and timely transportation of timber in Germany and Austria.
2. taking care of the entrusted vehicles and cargo.
3. Collaborating with warehouse and logistics personnel to ensure smooth transportation operations.

Disclosure obligations

Opening hours

Monday - Friday

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

MK Job - recruitment


250 Wielicka Street

30-663 Cracow

+48 607 355 106

NIP: 6423216650

REGON: 382894748

KRS: 0000778248