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Have you ever wondered what opportunities are waiting just outside your door?


At MK Job, we believe that life is full of hidden opportunities just waiting for you to discover them.


We're here to help you open that very door and step boldly into the next stage of your career path.

We are not an ordinary recruitment agency. Our mission is not just to connect employees with employers, but to create new opportunities and possibilities. Every CV that comes into our hands is like a story to us that deserves to be understood and supported. Our team of experienced recruiters carefully analyse your skills, goals and ambitions to help you find a job that not only provides financial stability but also professional fulfilment.


The variety of our job opportunities is as rich as your skill set. Whether you are a technical professional, a talented chef or a graduate looking for your first job, we have something specifically for you.


For us, nothing is impossible - we believe that everyone has the chance to succeed. Journeys start with a single step, and your professional journey starts here, with us!


Browse our offers, take advantage of the knowledge base prepared by our recruiters and see that your dreams of a bright future are within reach. Let MK Job become your partner in achieving professional success!

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  • Legitimate employment: we create a link between you and an employer, ensuring that your employment is fully compliant with current legislations. We offer you the confidence that every job offer we make is legal and secure.
  • Candidate support: Your career path is a priority for us. That is why we offer full support at every stage of your recruitment. We help you create an effective CV, give you interview tips and try to tailor job offers to your preferences.
  • International recruitment agency: our business knows no borders. We work with employers both domestically and internationally, which opens up opportunities for you to work in different locations around the world. Our international network of partners guarantees you access to a variety of offers from different industries and regions.
  • Personal development perspective: We grow with you. For us, it is not enough to find you a job - we want you to have the opportunity for further development and advancement. That is why we are committed to finding job offers that not only meet your current expectations, but also give you the chance to acquire new skills and be promoted in the future.


How do we work? Working together at high speed - for your success

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MK Job - recruitment


250 Wielicka Street

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