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14 February 2024

Welding robot operator

Location: Namestovo (Slovakia)


The position requires the ability to operate welding robots, including setting up programs and fixtures. Duties include locksmith work during welding, focusing on sewing assemblies and subassemblies. The operator is also responsible for servicing ZZs and tying loads. Precision and meticulous work is required, as well as adherence to health and safety rules, participation in training and daily inspection of equipment.

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • operation of a welding robot, setting up the robot program and accessories
  • locksmith work during welding.
  • sewing work of assemblies and components
  • ZZ service, tying of loads
  • adherence to health and safety rules, participation in training, daily inspection of equipment
  • precision and meticulousness

We offer:


  • 8,5€ net to start (after positive evaluation of the supervisor: 9,5€ net) + board allowance 3,22 €/worked day + transport allowance 4,5 €/worked day
  • with fully earned norm, hourly rate increased by €1
  • contract of employment

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