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7 elementów skutecznego CV - wskazówki od rekrutera
21 February 2024

7 elements of an effective resume - tips from a recruiter

The search for the perfect job is a process in which a properly prepared resume plays a key role. It's the first business card you present to an employer and your first chance to get attention. As recruiters, we see dozens of resumes every day, and we want to share with you some key elements that will make your resume effective and memorable.


Professional Summary:


Start strong! Put a brief professional summary at the very top of your resume. This is the place where you should show who you are as a professional and what you are looking for in a new role. Focus on your most important skills and experience.


Professional experience:


Of course, this is where you can't miss information about your previous positions. Including the name of the company, the period of employment and a description of your responsibilities is key. Don't forget to highlight specific achievements and the impact your work had in previous positions.




Include information about your education, starting with the most recent. Enter the name of the university, the field of study and the date of completion. If you have any additional certifications that are related to your industry, it's a good idea to include them here as well.




This is the place to showcase your skills in a professional context. It's worth indicating both so-called "soft" skills, as well as specific technical skills or foreign languages.


Recommendations and references:


If you have the opportunity, add brief references or information about people who can attest to your competence. This is an important element that adds credibility to your resume.


Projects and achievements:


If you have worked on interesting projects that can showcase your skills in practice, describe them here. Highlight what specific goals you achieved on these projects.


Contact information:


This would seem obvious, but unfortunately, there are times when a candidate forgets to provide their current contact information. Make sure your phone number and email address are correct.




Creating a resume is a process that requires attention and commitment. It's worth taking care of every detail to make it stand out from the competition. Remember that your resume is a showcase for your career, so invest time in creating it according to the tips above. We want every candidate to get the job they truly deserve, and we hope these tips will help you achieve that goal!


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