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21 February 2024

Legalization of employment of foreigners in Poland: everything you need to know

There is a growing demand in Poland for workers from outside the country. Globalization of the labor market makes foreigners a valuable resource for Polish companies. In order for this employment to be legal and mutually beneficial, it is worth learning about the process of legalizing the employment of foreigners in Poland. In this article, we will discuss what formalities need to be fulfilled and how the whole process looks like.


Step 1: Obtain a Work Permit


The first and most important step is to obtain a Work Permit for a foreigner. This is a document that entitles you to legal employment in Poland. To obtain it, the employer must submit an application to the provincial labor office that has jurisdiction over the company's headquarters. The application should contain information about the employer, the foreigner to be employed and the job position.


Step 2: Terms and Conditions of Employment


The application for a Work Permit will be considered in terms of meeting the conditions for employing a foreigner. This includes, among other things, sufficient qualifications that are not available in the domestic labor market, adequate wages, and social and labor conditions.


Step 3: Processing the Application


The application for a Work Permit is subject to evaluation by the labor office. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the number of applications and the workload of the office. After a successful application, the employer will receive the appropriate Work Permit.


Step 4: Work Visa and Arrival in Poland


After obtaining a Work Permit, a foreigner can apply for a work visa at the Polish consulate in his country. After receiving it, the worker can arrive in Poland and start work.


Step 5: Foreigner Registration


Upon arrival in Poland, the employer must register the employee with the relevant institutions, such as the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the Tax Office. This is an important step that ensures that both the employee and the employer meet all legal requirements.




Legalization of employment of foreigners in Poland requires compliance with certain procedures and formalities. It is worth realizing that each country has its own regulations regarding the employment of foreigners, so it is worth consulting professionals in this field. With proper preparation and compliance with the law, it is possible to legally and profitably employ workers from outside Poland.


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