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21 March 2024

CNC lathe operator 

Location: Böbingen an der Rems (Germany)

The CNC lathe operator is involved in self-configuration, setup and programming of machines such as CNC lathe with 3-6 axes. He specializes in the production of clamping and fixturing technology, using equipment such as the Morsaica NL 1500 with the MPPS4 control system. This position requires a thorough knowledge of CNC machine operation and programming, as well as technical skills in metalworking and production of specialized components.

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • Relevant work experience.
  • Driving license cat B + own car.
  • Knowledge of German min. A2 or English. 
  • Independent configuration, setup and programming of the machine (CNC lathe with 3-6 axes).
  • Production of clamping technology and clamping components (Morsaica NL 1500 with MPPS4 control system).

We offer:


  • Salary: 2200 euros net + bonuses.
  • Surcharge for Sunday and night shift.
  • Work in 1-shift system. 
  • Accommodation in a single room paid by the employer.

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