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21 March 2024

CNC operator

Location: Pforzheim (Germany)

The CNC operator is responsible for operating and programming the Stiefelmayer 840D and Siemens 840D controls. He is responsible for independently setting up cutting and welding tasks on CNC laser systems. In addition, the operator inspects and documents production steps using measuring calipers, micrometers and measuring probes. He or she takes measurements using a Keyence IM6125 projector and measuring machine, ensuring high quality and accurate workmanship. This position requires detailed technical knowledge, precision measurement skills and team management abilities.

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • Driving license cat B + own car.
  • Knowledge of the German language (B1).
  • Operation of laser cutting system (Stiefelmayer 840D control).
  • Independent setting of cutting and welding tasks on CNC laser systems (control: Siemens 840D).
  • Instructing and directing employees.
  • Releasing the workpiece according to the drawing.
  • Inspecting and documenting production steps (including employee self-inspection) using measuring calipers, micrometers and measuring probes, measuring with a projector and measuring machine (Keyence IM6125).

We offer:


  • Salary: €2300 net plus benefits.
  • Work in a 2-shift system.
  • Accommodation in a single room is paid for by the employer.

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