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21 March 2024


Location: Crailsheim (Germany)

The metalworker is in charge of operating waterjet cutting machines, using ready-made NC programs. He is responsible for taking out sheet metal, loading the system, as well as quality control of produced parts, including measurement of dimensions and roughness. Handles compilation of parts for further processing, labeling and documentation of part data. In addition, he performs forklift loading and unloading of materials, monitors inventory levels, configures machining programs, and ensures that machines are maintained and functioning properly.

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • Driving license cat B + own car.
  • Knowledge of the German language (A2/B1).
  • Forklift authorization.
  • Work experience confirmed by certificates.
  • Access to ready-made NC programs.
  • Sheet metal removal and loading of water jet cutting system.
  • Quality control (dimensional control, roughness measurement, etc.).
  • Compilation of articles for further processing.
  • Labeling and documenting part data.
  • Loading and unloading incoming shipments using a forklift.
  • Monitoring inventory levels.
  • Configuring programs. 
  • Maintenance and care of machines.

We offer:


  • Salary: 2300 euros net + bonuses.
  • Bonus for Sunday work and night shift. 
  • Work in 1-shift system. 
  • Accommodation in a single room paid by the employer.

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