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20 March 2024

Painter / Varnisher

Location: Leipzig (Germany)

The painter/varnisher is responsible for painting parts according to technical specifications and drawings. Prepares surfaces for painting by documenting preparatory work. He is responsible for the technical support of the painting process to ensure the highest quality. Also takes care of maintenance of painting machines and attention to technology. Inspects the quality of painted items, making color corrections before shipment.

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • Knowledge of the German language (B1).
  • Driving license cat B + own car.
  • Painting of components according to technical specifications and drawings.
  • Performing preparatory work for the painting process and its documentation (if necessary).
  • Technical and technological support of the process to ensure high quality. 
  • Maintenance and care of machine technology.  
  • Quality control and color corrections of parts ready for shipment.

We offer:


  • Salary: €2300 net plus benefits.
  • Work in a 2-shift system. 
  • Accommodation in a single room paid for by the employer.

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