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20 March 2024

Woodworking operator

Location:  Stimpfach (Germany)

The person in this position operates machines and equipment designed for cutting, sanding, milling, drilling or planing wood. He or she is tasked with setting the parameters of the machines, supervising their operation and taking care of their regular maintenance and minor repairs to ensure continuous and efficient production. This requires both technical skill and accuracy, as precise woodworking has a direct impact on the quality of the final products. In addition, the operator must adhere to occupational safety standards and be ready to respond quickly in case of equipment malfunctions.

Requirements and responsibilities:

  • EXPERIENCE NOT REQUIRED - however, experience as a machine and equipment operator is welcome.
  • Knowledge of German language (B1).
  • Knowledge of technical issues.
  • Ability to work in a team, reliability, flexibility.
  • Willingness to work shifts and Saturdays (only for very large orders).
  • Loading, setting up and operating machines, fixing minor defects.
  • Ensuring a smooth flow of production.
  • Operation of modern packaging machines from Schubert GmbH.

We offer:


  • Salary: 2000 euros net + bonuses.
  • Bonus for Sunday work and night shift.
  • Work in 2-3 shifts (06:00 - 14:30, 14:30 - 23:00, 23:00 - 06:00). 
  • Possible work on Saturdays (06:00 to 12:00).
  • Accommodation in a single room paid by the employer.

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